Weekly Quiz, June 4, 2023

Last week was rich in different events for me and among others there was another wonderful trip across the Almaty region which again gave me powerful emotions and unforgettable experience. I am considering writing a series of posts for you to have a glimpse of this wonderful land and sure I will do my best to make those texts useful for an English learner.

But also, you learned some new words and phrases from my YouTube shorts and Instagram posts, such as:

Three meanings of the word “face” that you could use more often:

  • Another way to say “wrestle” or “struggle”
  • The noun form of the verb “constrain”
  • How “batter” differs from “butter”
  • A phrasal verb meaning “to manage to do as much or as fast as others or to stay even with the others in a race or competition”.

So, here is another revision quiz for you to check what you remember.


Weekly Quiz, June 4, 2023

1 / 7

1. Choose the correct variant

2 / 7

2. Choose the correct variant

3 / 7

3. Choose the correct sentence

4 / 7

4. Choose the correct variant

5 / 7

5. Choose the correct variant

6 / 7

6. Choose the correct variant

7 / 7

7. Which is NOT the meaning of “face”?

Make sure to stay connected with me through my YouTube channel and Instagram profile to be updated on what comes this week!


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