Learning English is a long road to go, but it is much easier with little steps.

Hey! I am Alex, the founder of "New Model for Learning English"

Probably you are here because you have seen my videos on YouTube. If not, check them out, this is where it all started. I have received a lot of positive feedback from teachers and learners of English, and decided to create mini-courses for those videos.  Inspired by the idea of micro-learning, I am publishing these courses here.

4 000 000 views on YouTube!

and more than 30 000 subscribers. Join us and learn from my videos! 

Why my Courses?

Concrete Goals

Each course tells you how many words and phrases or grammar structures you are going to learn building your own learning path.


Long courses always look scary at the start, but if they are broken up into small parts, the way is not so frustrating.

Mentoring and Support

I regularly run online marathons, zoom sessions, your essays are checked and you are sure to receive feedback on your performance


With our Facebook group and discussion groups on the website you can find someone to discuss things and learn together

All Courses Are Free!

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