Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Alex, I am a teacher, and I help people learn English!

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Learning English must be fun and natural! This is my teaching philosophy, and, if you share this view, I will be happy to see you as my student, either online or offline, or even if you learn English solo. There is also a lot of useful stuff for both teachers and students in my online shop! 



Pdf slides of my Youtube videos, worksheets with exercises and activities, vocabulary cards for the videos, lesson plans and personal learning plans – all of these are both for learners and teachers



Learn English online with me. Face-to-face and group lessons, individual study plans. Start now free



Learn English in the real world. Find out more about locations and availability of offline English lessons with me



Join my webinars for more conversational practice in English and ton of useful stuff for learners and teachers of English

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my youtube channel

I make my English lesson videos for you and put them on YouTube. Thousands of people all over the world learn English every day with these videos! You can find grammar, vocabulary, word formation rules, short stories and biographies there .

LAtest from my blog

In my blog I write about things I come across daily in my job and which are of interest to teachers and learners of English. This is all about how to make your learning more effective, typical challenges of an English teacher, tips and tricks, and simply everything that I may consider of value in relation to learning English. 

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There are so many useful resources for English learners and teachers online alongside with exciting opportunities offline! I would like to show you what other great things are out there, and I am sure you simply can’t miss them!