There is no particular order in which you should take the courses. You can choose a course depending on your current needs. However, soon there will be a filter that will allow to group the courses into clusters according to the level or language area.

Do not do everything in one day! The best pace to go is one lesson of a course per day.

You know it better when you have time for the tasks of a lesson. You can even split it into several parts and do different tasks of the lesson at different times of the day.

Do not be shy to sign up for our Zoom sessions. The best way to put it all into practice is conversation, and it is exactly what we do there. At the moment our Zoom Speaking Club sessions are held “in beta mode” according to the schedule in the Nmodel calendar.

Yes, they can! They can even send messages to each other!
It is also important to respond to questions in community groups! They are part of the course and aim at developing your writing skills through our friendly chat.

It does! If you have any questions, you can write a message to our Facebook group

Yes, you can!
All Quizlet sets are available to the general public and you can also save them in your Quizlet accounts

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