Weekly Quiz, July 16, 2023

Although I was planning to take a short break because of the heatwave that is melting my brain, I have decided not to, and with a little delay, we are beginning a new week of learning. But first, let’s look back at what we learned last week:

  • Three meanings of the word “dig”
  • The noun derivative of the verb “surveil”
  • One word which means “taking a machine or structure to pieces, or to end an organisation or system gradually in a controlled way”
  • The difference between a refugee and a fugitive

Here is a quiz that will help you sort it all out:


Weekly Quiz, July 16, 2023

1 / 5

1. Choose the correct variant

2 / 5

2. Choose the correct variant

3 / 5

3. The workers are going to ____ the old building

4 / 5

4. Choose the correct variant

5 / 5

5. Which is NOT a meaning of "dig"?

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