Weekly Quiz, May 28, 2023

Another marvellous week has just flown by with our interactive sessions on my YouTube channel and Instagram profile. I’m excited to update you on what we have been discovering:


  • Three lesser-known meanings of the word “plate”.
  • The adjective form of the term “trust”. Join us on this voyage as we delve into the realm of word-formation!
  • Perplexed between “blabber” and “blubber”? Fear not, you’re in good company! Grasp the correct usage of each.
  • Learned how to say that a boat has overturned.
  • Discovered an alternative way to express that a mole is making a hole in the ground.


As always, I’ve made a quiz to help you with your revision!


Weekly Quiz, May 28, 2023

1 / 7

1. Choose the correct variant

2 / 7

2. Choose the correct variant


3 / 7

3. Choose the correct sentence



4 / 7

4. Choose the correct variant

5 / 7

5. Choose the correct variant

6 / 7

6. Choose the correct variant.

7 / 7

7. Which is NOT the meaning of “plate”?

That brings us to the end of this week’s educational journey! Keep up with me on my YouTube channel and Instagram profile to be in the loop for more fascinating revelations in the week ahead. Bear in mind, knowledge is might, and collectively, we’ll master language frontiers!

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