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Hello! It is time to start. I have been preparing for this moment for over 2 years and now I am ready.

My name is Alexei, I am the author of the New Model courses which you can find on this website and which I have already described in its corresponding sections.

I am a teacher of English, the job I have been doing for more than 15 years now. All these years I have worked with adults, first at university, then as a corporate instructor and private tutor, and that is the reason why my courses are mostly meant for adult learners, though I hope they might be of some interest to teenagers as well.

Why am I writing them? Yes, I am still writing them, because the New Model Progress 3 course, which I have just opened, is yet to be written, and I am planning to do it together with you, of course if you like this idea. So, I am writing these courses not because I think other courses are bad. Not at all.  I am doing this for several reasons:

  • To suggest some ideas on how to improve common problems my students struggle with. For example, New Model Start is all about the word order, getting accustomed to new ways of thinking and expressing oneself. Of course we also have grammar and vocabulary, but I am offering just a little bit different system of learning these things.
  • To make use of the existing educational technology and put it all together. I wanted all those instruments not only to play their wonderful melodies on their own, but to invite them to “an orchestra” where each of them will have their own part to perform in one beautiful symphony.
  • To have another go at making something useful for those who are learning English on their own, without teachers, without schools or courses. I know that there are not many people who would want to do that, but they are out there, and once I was one of them, and I want to help them. It is extremely difficult to learn this way, but it is not impossible.
  • To help beginners. It is this group that faces most of the challenges. Actually, all the courses available now are meant for them, from level A0 (total beginners) to B1 – B1+ (pre-intermediate level)
  • To show other teacher how much they can do with all that technology around. Hey, you have never been so little dependent on course books and have never had as much freedom as you can have now!

I can make this list longer, but I won’t. I hope I have given enough motivation for all of you, so let the journey begin!

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For almost 20 years I have been helping adult learners speak English, which for most of them was not only a learning challenge, but also a path to discover their potential and to believe in their abilities. It has also been a 20 year long journey for me to discover myself and my place in this world, for which I am sincerely grateful to my dear students.Read more

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