Money, Money, Money…

Hello, dear readers!

This week’s topic is money! We all need money and it often turns out that we never have enough of it.

Yesterday I published a new video on the topic and if you haven’t seen it yet, please, welcome:

Some interesting facts (actually, it is a quiz, so you’d better do it after watching the video to learn the vocabulary even better):

Personally, once in while I buy things that I do not really need and can’t even tell why I actually bought them. Do I consider such things to be a waste of money? Nope, for some reason I needed them at that moment, be it a kind of psychotherapy or just a sporadic emotional attraction. I never regret making such purchases. However, in general I do try to buy things at a reasonable price, and I definitely like getting something worthy in a sale or promo.

I hate borrowing money from anyone, and I have never taken a bank loan, because then I will have to pay interest! If needed, I’d rather borrow from friends and relatives.

So, tell me, what is your relationship with money? Have you ever won in a lottery or hit the jackpot in any other way? Maybe you have inherited a fortune and now you have got money to burn😊 ?

By the way, the PDF slides of my video in HD are here 

Waiting for your answers to my questions and comments!

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