Lesson 1. Introduction


Do you believe that appearance says anything about the character and personality of a person? Oh, by the way, what do these words mean? 

appearance, character, personality

Check them out in the following activity. 

First, try to come up with your own definition, how you understand these words, after that check the definitions on the backside of the cards


this is how a person looks like, a person’s physical features as they appear to others


a set of a person’s mental and moral qualities that distinguish this person from others


Personality is the synonym of the word “character”, but personality is more obvious. For example, one might say that being funny is personality, but being loyal and honest is more about character.

And now keep the cards above closed, and try to recall the definitions! Can you do that? 

So, do you believe it is possible to guess what the character of a person is simply by analyzing his/her appearance? There a lot of people who believe it is possible, and we are going to watch a video about that. 

But first, let’s learn more character-related words in the first quiz! 

Lesson Content