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Two days ago, I released a new video with “Entertainment” vocabulary and here comes the quiz! I do hope that this approach, a quiz a day or two after you watch the video, can help the vocabulary sink in. Revision is very important! What do you think of this method? Please, write about that in the comment!

So, here is the video (you can watch it if you haven’t seen it yet)

And here is the quiz



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What do you need if you want somebody to help you understand a work of art in a museum?

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A “gig” means “a musician”

3 / 10

You can’t legally listen to music without downloading it

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Who/what is “loot” in gaming slang?

5 / 10

Which is the right way to say the word?

6 / 10

Which form of the adjective is correct to describe a film?

7 / 10

The adjective “captivating” is the synonym of “gripping”

8 / 10

A series is also called “a soap opera”

9 / 10

What can’t you do via a streaming service?

10 / 10

In English it is ok to say “entertain oneself”

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