Describe Your Appearance in English (Video Script)

As I have already done before, here I am publishing the script for another popular video from my YouTube channel. You can watch the video again, and use the script below for any educational purposes (only don’t call it your own, and if possible refer to the author – me)

You are all beautiful, you’re great, you’re awesome, you’re gorgeous, you’re marvellous. When you talk about women, the synonyms for the word beautiful are attractive, good-looking, and pretty. And when you talk about men, you can also say attractive or good-looking, but we don’t usually say beautiful about men, we say handsome. So, what’s the opposite of the word beautiful? You can say unattractive, horrible, awful, ugly.

How tall are you? I am 175 centimetres tall, so I am of average or medium height. The man on the left is tall and the man on the right is short.

So, what is your body type? I’m neither thick nor thin, so I’m of average build. The man on the left is quite thin, and the man on the right has a little bit of extra weight, so he’s a bit overweight. People can also be well-built, slender, or slim, especially when we speak about women. He’s athletic or muscular. Please remember, it’s rude to say that someone is fat or skinny, especially if you don’t know these people very well.

What is your face shape? Have you got a round face, a square face, an oval face, or a triangular face? What colour are your eyes? Brown or hazel eyes, or are your eyes blue or green?

What’s your eye shape? The eyes of the Asian type are often called monolid eyes. If your eyes are quite large and you can see the white under or above the iris, you’ve got round eyes, and the eyes which look like almonds are called almond eyes. If the eye distance is small, you’ve got close-set eyes, and if the eye distance is quite large, you’ve got wide-set eyes. If the corners of your eyes go upwards, you’ve got upturned eyes, and if they go downward, you’ve got downturned eyes.

How long is your hair? Have you got long hair, short hair, shoulder-length hair? And people who don’t have any hair are bald. What colour is your hair? Is it fair, blonde, dark, or black, brown, or chestnut, red, or maybe you’ve got grey hair?

What is your hair type? Is it straight, curly, wavy? And people who are losing their hair have got receding hair.

What is your nose type? Have you got a straight nose, an upturned nose, a snub nose, or maybe an aquiline or hooked nose?

What shape are your lips? Are they full, puffy, or sensitive, or maybe they’re just small and thin? Sometimes people have special features, for example, a moustache, a beard. A lot of people have moles, and those with light hair very often have freckles on their faces. After injuries, some people have scars. We’re all very different, black, white, Asian, but you must remember that you are beautiful.

By, the way, there is a mini-course which teaches the vocabulary from the video. You can find it here

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