Beside or Besides?

Before we get to the quiz, here is the recap of the rules:
Beside – next to, near, at the side of.
She sat beside them.
There’s a dresser beside the bed.

Besides – in addition to; also.
She’s a good friend! Besides, she’s a great storyteller.
Do you play any other sport besides football?

Now, it’s quiz time


Beside or Besides

1 / 6

I was sitting ___ the camera

2 / 6

___ their nutritional worth, eggs are used to produce flu vaccines,

3 / 6

The van stopped ___ a crowd of people

4 / 6

In market stalls ___ them she saw the things she wanted

5 / 6

And ___ , what were you doing on that day?

6 / 6

I didn't really tell anyone ___ my friends

Your score is

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