Describe your character and personality in English

At the moment this is the most popular video from my YouTube channel, with more than 200 000 views. It gives essential vocabulary on the topic, the words, mostly adjectives, are given with their opposites. Perfect for students, teachers, those who are preparing for international English language examinations as well as for more general audience of English learners.

Describe your appearance in English

This video, “Describe Your Appearance in English”, is a logical continuation of “Describe Your Character and Personality in English”, and you simply can’t miss it if you are learning to describe people in English. It is also great for pupils, students, learners preparing for English exams, and also for teachers.

Holiday and travelling in English

“Holiday and Travelling” is one of the most popular topics among English learners. This video gives a lot of important vocabulary on the topic, and it is good help for students and teachers in their studies and work. You can use it preparing for exams, in the classroom and simply when you are learning English solo.

Causative forms and patterns in English

This is a short but very clear explanation of what causative structures in English are, their types and appropriate usage. The video is a great help for both teachers and students and I am giving away its PDF version absolutely FREE! 


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