Holiday and Travelling in English Resource Pack for Teachers


This resource contains necessary materials for a series of lessons on the topic “Holiday and Travelling Vocabulary in English”. It includes the following:

  • Teacher’s Notes with full description of the worksheets and how to use them in a class format as well as for one-on-one teaching.
  • Worksheets for 13 activities that can be printed and used for work. The activities cover all the stages of work with the vocabulary: introducing and semantisation of lexical items, lexical drills and practice in limited conversational output, and speaking activities.
  • 5 lesson plans illustrating how the lessons can be organised at the stages described above. These are only suggested plans of work, and you are free to experiment and make use of the worksheets in any way suitable for your curriculum or teaching needs.
  • Answer Keys for the worksheets.
  • PDF slides from my video “Holiday and Travelling Vocabulary in English”. You can find the video on my YouTube channel. The presentation is a separate PDF file that is part of this download bundle.
  • Vocabulary list with all the words and phrases from the video and from the presentation. It also goes as a separate PDF file in the bundle.
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