What’s the Crime?

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So, I you probably have watched the video and now ready for a quiz to get a grip on crime and punishment vocabulary. In the following test you can go over the names of some crimes mentioned in the video!

Let’s get started!


What's the crime?

Read the sentence and identify the crime

1 / 10

The plane was seized by the terrorists and diverted to Cyprus

2 / 10

When they came home, they found that the front door was open and a lot of things in the house were missing

3 / 10

Kennedy was killed Nov. 22, 1963 in downtown Dallas

4 / 10

She was attacked on the street. No possessions were stolen

5 / 10

She was attacked on the street, her bag was taken away

6 / 10

Now executives are going to be held accountable, if their companies cook the books

7 / 10

She was accused of stealing things from the department store

8 / 10

After the abduction, there was a demand for ransom

9 / 10

It is private property! Please, leave, or I’ll call the police!

10 / 10

They were fined for graffiting the monument

Your score is

Great job! If you have any questions on the topic, write them in the comments! 

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