Video Script: Describe Your Character and Personality in English

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If you’re nice and friendly to other people, you’re warm, kind, pleasant, sweet, and good-natured. And if you’re not, you’re cold, unkind, unpleasant, horrible, and unfriendly.

If you love communicating with other people, you are an extrovert, which means you’re sociable and outgoing. People who like talking are talkative and communicative. If you don’t like communication, you are an introvert, which means you are quiet, reserved, shy, or taciturn.

If you are relaxed in your attitude or manner, you are positive, optimistic, cheerful, easy-going, and laid-back. And if you’re not, you are gloomy, pessimistic, negative, miserable, or tense.

People who think about others’ feelings are sensitive, tactful, thoughtful, delicate, and caring. The opposites are insensitive, tactless, heartless, cruel, and cold-hearted.

People who prefer telling the truth are honest, truthful, sincere, and frank. And those who don’t are dishonest, liars, insincere, and deceitful. A liar is a noun.

If you are open to new ideas and different views, you’re open-minded, unbiased, flexible, and tolerant person. And the opposites are narrow-minded, biased, bigoted, intolerant.

If you know what you want and intend to reach your goals, you are determined, strong-willed, strong-minded, resolute, confident. And if you don’t, you are undetermined, weak-willed, indecisive, irresolute, unsure.

People who love working and work a lot are hardworking, industrious, diligent, ambitious. Ambitious people usually have a plan for life. The opposites are lazy, idle, sluggish, unambitious.

Those who learn and understand things quickly rational people are intelligent, clever, bright, and smart. And those who don’t are unintelligent, stupid, or foolish and silly. But foolish and silly are not as strong in meaning as unintelligent and stupid.

If you care for other people, you’re an altruistic person, which means you’re unselfish, considerate, and noble. And if you don’t, you’re selfish, self-centered, and vain. These are people who think only of themselves.

If people trust you, you’re probably a very reliable, trustworthy, loyal, or faithful person. And the opposites are unreliable, untrustworthy, disloyal, unfaithful.

If you like spending money on yourself and other people, you are a generous person, which is a positive word. But if you just waste your money, you’re extravagant. And if you don’t like spending money, you’re probably a very economical person, which is a good word, or mean, which is a negative word.

In their attitude to other people and in their behavior in general, people can be respectful, modest, or humble. And the opposites are disrespectful, arrogant, or bossy. Arrogant people usually look down on other people.

You should know the difference between the two words sensitive and sensible because they look similar. Sensitive means tactful and responsive, and sensible means reasonable or practical. So sensitive is more about feeling, and sensible is more about thinking.

Finally, some nouns, which we’ll use to describe character and personality. A coward is a person who is afraid of everything. A liar tells lies. A gossip spreads gossip about other people. And a couch potato is a lazy person who doesn’t want to do anything.

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