Вы сделали первый большой шаг на пути к успеху! New Model Progress – это второй курс, созданный для тех, кто старается овладеть английским на уровне A1 – A2 по шкале CEFR. По окончании этой программы вы сможете:

Общаться по темам:

  • Personal information (name, age, where you live, what you do, your interests, etc.)
  • Daily routines
  • Free time and activities
  • Time, dates, numbers, seasons,
  • Cities and things in the city
  • Houses, flats, furniture
  • Body, movements, actions and body language
  • Cultural differences
  • Shops and shopping
  • Say, tell, talk, speak
  • “like” and “unlike”


  • Ask and tell the time
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Buy tickets at railway, bus and underground stations
  • Buy tickets at the cinema
  • Buy things in different shops


  • Present simple (regular actions)
  • Present continuous (actions now, planned future)
  • Frequency adverb (always, never, ever, etc)
  • There is/are
  • It is …. to…
  • Much, many, a lot, a lot of, lots of, little, a little, few, a few
  • Object pronouns (me, him, them, etc.)
  • One of us, two of them, etc.
  • Prepositions of time, place
  • Ordinal and cardinal numbers (one and the first, etc.)
  • Both … and…
  • Subject questions (Who likes apples?)
  • Modal verbs: must, may, might, can, need to, have to – for present and future
  • Introduction to adverbs (slowly, hard, etc.)


  • Suffixes: -er, -or, -ion
  • Suffixes: -able, ism, ist
  • Suffixes -ous, -al. Prefixes: un-,im-, dis
  • Suffixes: ly+ irregular adverbs (fast, late, hard, well), -ance, -ence, -ment, -ent, -ant


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