Progress 2

Это третий курс New Model, программа уровня A2-B1 по шкале CEFR, которая значительно пополнит ваш словарный запас и поможет вам общаться на английском о прошлом и будущем. Еще одна важная цель курса New Model Progress 2 – выучить самые употребительные неправильные глаголы. По окончании это программы вы сможете:

Общаться по темам:

  • Stages of life: pregnancy, birth, early childhood, school and university
  • Stages of life: adult life, work, marriage, old age, retirement, death
  • Speak about your job. Job functions
  • Appearance and character
  • Holiday and travelling
  • Weather and protecting environment

Ситуации общения и навыки письменной речи:

  • Years and dates – part 2
  • How to write an informal email
  • How to speak on the phone in English
  • How to express your opinion and give advice in English
  • Communicate at the airport and on a plane
  • How to make suggestions and offers  


  • Past simple of be: statements, questions, negative sentences
  • Past simple of regular and irregular verbs
  • Irregular verbs: groups 1 – 4
  • Gerund
  • Infinitive
  • Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives
  • Relative clauses with “who, that, which, whose, when, where”
  • Ways to express future: future going to/present continuous/present simple
  • Subject “it”
  • Object noun clauses
  • Consider smth/smb (to be) smth/smb
  • Quite, rather, enough
  • Because/because of/in order
  • Past continuous: statements, questions, negative sentences
  • The verb “make”: in the meaning of “create”; make somebody do something; make somebody/something + adjective


  • Prefix co-; suffixes: -ive, -ful, -ics, -ship, -ity
  • Suffixes: -y, -ure, -dom, -ary. Prefix: self-
  • Prefixes in-,ir-; suffixes -less, -ic, -ish, -ate, -ible
  • Prefixes: il-,over-; suffixes -ness, – age, – hood, -ly (for adjectives)


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