Nmodel Grammar #002.- I Am Happy To…

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At last here comes my new grammar podcast! Previously it has been all vocabulary, and today we are practicing all forms of the infinitive. Yes, practice is the right word for that as I am using the structure “I am happy + Infinitive”, with the infinitive in all forms, to speak about myself, with actual facts about my life. It is a great technique that we can use to have a better grip on the topic, talking about something real.

If you need to refresh what all the forms of the infinitive are, watch my video on the topic first.

After listening to this podcast, you can do the same and look at some happy aspects of your life! Use the construction “I am happy + Infinitive” to talk about yourself and do not forget that the aim is to practice the infinitive in its all forms!

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Nmodel Grammar #002.- I Am Happy To…
Nmodel Grammar

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