Full personal contact

In my lessons you will never feel deprived of the great emotions you usually get in an offline lesson. I know how to do it right!

High quality interaction

Both my student and I can work in our common virtulal board, write and draw there, use sticky notes and pictures, listen to audio tracks and watch videos together without any inconvenience. On top of that, we can also record our lessons for various purposes and make the learning even more effective! 

Any location

You don’t have to go anywhere to practise your English, you can even do it from your car, from an airport lounge or a cafe with only a mobile phone in your hand! 

Flexible timetable

Even if you are a busy mother or a businessman, and can never commit to any fixed time, do not worry – online format allows us to be more flexible in this respect

Fully functional mobile

As I said, you can learn English even from a cafe or your car with only a smartphone in your hand without any restrictions: we watch videos and listen to tracks together, use electronic textbooks and all sorts materials in the same way as from a desktop or a laptop. 

Vocabulary under control

Surprisingly, but my students find it easier to learn English vocabulary particularly in the online format rather than offline, with all this amazing technology at hand! Both my student and I have access to vocabulary zone of the learner, and there are lots of games and fun vocabulary activitites to play online

One-on-one lessons online

One-one-one is currently the most popular format to learn English online. Of course, there are a lot of advantages: all the teacher’s attention is yours, it is highly personalised, and the timetable does not depend on any other people. A lesson’s duration is 60 minutes. The first lesson is always free of charge, so book your English lesson now! 

group lessons online

There are more and more people who choose to learn English online in a group. A lesson’s duration is 60 minutes. The size of groups ranges from 2 to 6 people, and there are good reasons why it is worthwhile to join one: for some people it is more fun to learn in a team, and it is cheaper than one-on-one. However, sometimes you need to wait until a group is formed, though sometimes it is possible to join when it is already in action. 

corporate english training online

Learning business English in a company must be in line with real needs and clear goals. Before starting a project in a company to teach English to the employees, I always carry out needs analysis and develop a learning plan for each group. One-on-one and group formats, as well as specific professional tailor-made programmes are possible options. 



lessons online
$ 40 per hour (60 min)
  • General English - $40/h
  • Job Interview - $55/h
  • Presentation Skills - $55/h
  • International Exams - $60/h


lessons online, per person
$ 25 per hour (60 min)
  • General English - $25/h
  • Job Interview - $35/h
  • Presentation Skills - $35/h
  • International Exams - $40/h


online training, one-on-one and groups
$ 30* per hour (60 min)
  • General English - $30*/h
  • Business English - $40*/h
  • Presentation Skills - $50*/h
  • Negotiations and Meetings -$50*/h

If you have any questions regarding my online programmes, feel free to contact me anytime. I do respond to all the messages! Please, note, that there may be a situation that my schedule is fully booked. In this case, I will send you a message about this, and offer either to wait until I have an opportunity to accept one more student or group, of which I will notify you, or suggest any other solution.