Your preference

Yes, you choose to have traditional in-class lessons because you simply feel more comfortable this way, interacting with a teacher in the non-virtual reality.

The Internet connection isn't good

In some places it still remains a problem, so the traditional “offline” way is the only option.

Not good with technology

You might be not on good terms with technology, and, despite the fact that in my lessons it is actually as easy as a pie, you do not feel like using Zoom or a virtual board, or anything of the sort.

Better interaction in groups

Or at least, you think so (I would definitely argue this point of view). It is just that a lot of people are sure that any group interaction online is associated with a lot of technical and communication problems (and again, I do not agree with that). 

Blended learning

It is also possible to combine the online format and traditional classes, with different ratio  of online/in-class work to achieve better results and for the sake of convenience, or in order to test online methods first before diving in.

Fixed time of lessons

Yes, of course the timetable of traditional lessons is much less flexible than that of online ones, but it is ok, and even convenient, for those learners who prefer stablilty and have well-established routine. 

One-on-one lessons

Of course, learning English in person is not only about the language. We get to know eacher other better, we share our life stories and experiences, and you develop your competence in English in real conversation and interaction. A standard offline lesson’s duration is 90 minutes, and I don’t mind meeting at the client’s place. 

group lessons

What is great about a group lesson in a traditioanl classroom is the energy and dynamics! They are always interesting, fun and useful. When a group is complete and ready to start, we agree on the location (there are usually several options) and get going. A standard group lesson’s duration is 90 minutes, usually meeting twice a week. 

Corporate English traning

Corporate English lessons are not only for building up language skills, but also a great way to bring the members of a team closer and establish great relationships. We meet on the company’s premises usually twice a week and a standard lesson is 90 minutes. 



in class
$ 80 per lesson (90 min)
  • General English - $80/lesson
  • Job Interview - $100/lesson
  • Presentation Skills - $100/lesson
  • International Exams - $115/lesson


per person
$ 45 per lesson (90 min)
  • General English - $45/lesson
  • Job Interview - $55/lesson
  • Presentation Skills - $55/lesson
  • International Exams - $70/lesson


in class, one-on-one and groups
$ 50* per lesson (90 min)
  • General English - $50*/lesson
  • Business English - $60*/lesson
  • Presentation Skills - $70*/lesson
  • Negotiations and Meetings -$70*/lesson

If you have any questions regarding traditional in-person classes with me, feel free to contact me anytime. I do respond to all the messages! Please, note, that there may be a situation that my schedule is fully booked. In this case, I will send you a message about this, and offer either to wait until I have an opportunity to accept one more student or group, of which I will notify you, or suggest any other solution.