Job Interview Essentials

Online workshop

Dates: 30.08.2019 – 01.09.2019, 20.00-21.00 GMT+3

This series of webinars will give you the most important skills you need in a job interview. In the workshop you will put to practice the things you are learning at once. 


To write a killer CV to get a great job

To deal with typical and stress questions

To speak about your work experience and biography

To speak about your achievements and value

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Only 120$ for a 3 day workshop

Day 1

Preparing your CV:

  • the structure of the CV;
  • which language forms are used in the CV;
  • how to make your CV stand out.

Day 2

Your experience:

  • the language you need to speak about your experience;
  • vocabulary for biography and personality;
  • standard and stress questions.

Day 3

Your achievements and value:

  • the language you need to speak about your achievements;
  • learn to explain why you are great;
  • how to present yourself in the best light.

Get your ticket now
for only 120$

Number of seats is limited (20)

The webinar is 100% in English.

Recommended level – B1+ (intermediate).


Alexei Kiselev, a professional ESL/EFL instructor and coach with more than 20 years of experience, the author of “New Model for Learning English” YouTube channel, is ready to share his knowledge and help you present your best in a job interview! Learn more about the presenter here 2017-2019