How Well do You Know Your Own Body?

Hi! In this post we are revising some vocabulary on the topic “human body” and also you might learn something knew about yourself with the help of the quiz below!


Body Quiz

Do you know your own body well! Check it out with this quiz!

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How many times does an average human blink per minute?

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In the morning, we are about 1cm taller than in the evening

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Your heart beats about …. times a day

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If taken out of the body, an adult’s blood vessels could circle Earth’s equator .... !

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What is the human largest organ?

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Babies have more bones than adults

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An average adult carries around .... kg of bacteria on the body

8 / 10

Which is the strongest muscle in your body?

9 / 10

Who has more muscles?

10 / 10

Kids grow faster in autumn.

Your score is


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