Health and Illness Quiz

Let’s check how well you know vocabulary related to health and illness. If you are not sure that you can pass, you might watch my video on that first.


Health and Illness Quiz

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When someone is in good physical condition, they are

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Which is the correct variant?

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Which is the correct sentence?

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In which case does a person always feel that something is wrong with him or her?

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Which is the correct variant?

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What happens when you have got a stuffy nose?

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When you caught a cold and have a painful feeling in your throat, you say...

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Which word describes a state when a person feels very weak?

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A very strong headache is called ...

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Which of the following is stronger, happens unexpectedly, but may last for a not very long time?

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After a hard workout in the gym, a sportsman (woman) may feel ...

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Malaria is a contagious disease

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If someone gets in an accident and hits his or her head hard, this person may have ...

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