Over the past two years I have been focused on designing my New Model courses. However, there are other services I can offer, such as my training programmes.  These are commercial educational products aimed at practicing specific language and communicational skills within a short period of time. Basically, they fall into two large groups: for businesses and for general audience, and accordingly they are listed below:

Practical Skills for Business

  • Presentations
  • Get the Deal  (negotiations)
  • Business Writing

Business Communication

  • Talk Business (a game with business cases)
  • The Business Travel
  • The Business Transformation Game

English for Specific Business Purposes

  • Financial English
  • Sales Up
  • English for Marketing and Advertising

General English

  • No Limits (overcoming psychological barriers and learning to think in English)
  • Level Up (intensive programme for elementary learners)
  • Grammar Cracker (focus on typical grammar problems)
  • Word Activator (focus on vocabulary)
  • Sounds English (improving English pronunciation)

Find out more about the training programmes from the presentation