New Model is a flexible, dynamic and constantly developing system. Unlike a paper coursebook, the contents of the courses are not fixed forever, and very much sensitive and responsive to the users’ feedback. Any text, any activity, an audio track or a video can be changed to make the learning experience better.

Here are the most typical questions you may ask in relation to the functionality and the usage of this learning platform.

Who are the courses for?

Anyone who would like to study English from level A0 to B1+. New Model Progress 3 might be the last course in the series, because I believe that if you possess a level higher than B1+, standard coursebooks, which are in multitude on the market, are more suitable. The original idea was to help beginners to get their feet off the ground and to solve common problems that they face, but which are not sufficiently addressed in those coursebooks. However, if I receive positive feedback and requests to continue, I will do it.

Originally the courses were designed with Russian speaking learners in view, so for self-learning there is quite a lot of instruction, tips and video explanations in Russian within the New Model Start programme. However, starting from New Model Progress all materials (except for some translation exercises used for testing) are in English and become universal. The use of the native language is limited to the minimum or totally excluded during live online or offline sessions even for New Model Start users.

Do I do everything in a course on my own, or there is a teacher to help?

It is up to you to choose the format:

  • You can do it all by yourself.
  • You can do it by yourself and practice skills in free online events which are held for the users.
  • You can also hire a teacher to do the course online, offline or in mixed (blended) format together.

Are the courses free?

You can get access to all the courses free by clicking the button “join the course”. You can do everything by yourself, and take part in all free online events announced in the calendar or in “Announcements” section. However, there might be some commercial group events or individual lessons with a teacher. In case you want to do the course with a teacher, there may be a fee to pay. If you need more information about it, contact on . In the same manner, some assignments and quizzes are available only for students who work with a teacher; these activities are closed for the general audience. However, there are plenty of open assignments and quizzes, many more than closed ones.

Can teachers sign up and get access to teachers’ tools (grading, conferencing, checking students’ works in the system)?

It is possible upon a request, but not guaranteed. Please contact on

How do I start?

If you are sure that your level is A0 – start from the very beginning. Go to the New Model Start course and join. Even if you choose to go solo, you don’t need to think in what order to progress, it is already designed for you; just do it in a straightforward manner, choosing the assignments and quizzes the way they are placed in a lesson, and continue like this lesson after lesson. Please, follow the announcements and discussion topics, there may be a lot of interesting things going on, and you can have a wonderful opportunity to practice your skills in live communication. Write your questions in “Discussions” section, all of them will be answered.

If you know some English, but not sure where to start from, take the New Model Test, and it will put you to the right place according to your results.

Do you have any other questions? Please, ask them on I would be happy to answer them all.