I can’t code, and I am not a programmer, and I did not hire anyone to make this website, to design my courses and all of my online activities. I just do not need to do it all, as now you can find all the necessary edtech tools easily for creating practically any online task you wish, with any functionality by yourself. My website is made on WordPress, which is open source, my courses are on Canvas LMS, which is, by the way, also open source, and I am going to tell you what edtech innovations I am using to do what any teacher can do, investing mostly time, and maybe a little bit of money. These products and the companies that have developed them are making the future of education real now.

  • Canvas LMS by Instructure. This is the heart of my courses. It allows any teacher, any instructor to realise their potential and make learning an awesome experience.
  • PowToon. With this web platform you can make great animations. Not free, but they have quite affordable plans for teachers and students.
  • Vidra and Grafio 3 are for making presentations. Very effective and easy to use indeed.

There are also two great applications for making language memorable:

  • Quizlet. Originally designed for making online flashcards, but with a little bit of creative thinking you can do much more.
  • Cerego. It is famous for its unique memorisation algorithms.
  • H5P. Online platform for designing great activities that you can use in your blog or wherever it is possible to embed a code.
  • Book Creator. I use it to make comic stories. My students love them.

Oh, almost forgot. I put all the videos I make on YouTube and audio records on Soundcloud.

All these ingenious things are put together to make the New Model courses.

New Model is living, constantly developing body, and if I come across another great thing, another wonderful online instrument, no doubt I will grab the opportunity to integrate it.