However great a system or method might be, for most foreign language learners it can hardly lead to a solid success without interaction and communication. What is truly great about New Model is that it is meant to be for interaction and communication in a close-tight online community.

As a teacher and the author of the programme, I will never leave my learners alone in front of the screen or staring at their mobile devices in moments when they need guidance and support. Within the Canvas LMS platform there are such important sections as Discussions, Announcements, Collaborations, and Conferences which enable us all, the teacher and the learners, to be in close contact and to organize various online activities for the community. These activities occur on a regular basis, a lot of them are free.

We also meet offline. There are free training and speech practice events organised for small and moderate-sized groups, of which we inform everybody through Announcements, and Calendar.

The learners also have an opportunity to buy face-to-face online and offline lessons, or form commercial online and offline groups for regular lessons. These lessons are extremely effective as they provide the necessary regular exposure to English. Contact on if you want to find out more about it.