Object+Infinitive/Participle Quiz

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Complex Object Quiz

Open the brackets and use the infinitive with or without “to”, or “ing” form

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I never thought anyone would make me (drink) it because I hated alcohol

2 / 9

I expect all the guests (come) earlier than 10 pm

3 / 9

They understood they were in a lot of trouble when they saw the ship slowly (approach) the harbor

4 / 9

Mike heard the door (bang) and jumped off the sofa

5 / 9

People here consider this cheese (be) the best in the world

6 / 9

Please, don’t let them (go) now!

7 / 9

I would like you (have) a good rest here.

8 / 9

We know him (be) an excellent teacher with great references

9 / 9

I did not see her (leave) the room

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