Complex Subject (Subject + Passive Predicate + Infinitive)


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Before you do the quiz, you can watch the video and revise the grammar material: 

Actually, for this video there are two quizzes!

Quiz 1


Complex Subject

Rephrase the sentences so that to make a complex subject with the verb in the brackets. 

For example: People say he is a good doctor (say)-He is said to be a good doctor

1 / 6

Somebody has told me that John is in a mental hospital now (say)

2 / 6

People suppose that 8 glasses of water a day are necessary for our health (suppose) 

3 / 6

Many people believe that Vincent van Gogh mutilated his ear (believe)

4 / 6

Some people believed that somebody had assisted Oswald in Kennedy’s assassination (believe)

5 / 6

Everyone thinks that Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car in the world (think)

6 / 6

People saw Jane talking to Fred (see)

Your score is

Quiz 2


Complex Subject part 2

Open the brackets and put the infinitive in the correct form

For example: She is said (be) to be a star of all times – to be

1 / 11

Vitamin C is known (be) good for treating colds

2 / 11

The Queen is believed (leave) Windsor Castle last week

3 / 11

The portrait is known (paint) by ancient Florentine master

4 / 11

She is rumored (sit) home absolutely alone now

5 / 11

The President is thought (suffer) from COVID-19 now

6 / 11

Seven people are reported  (injure) in the car crush

7 / 11

The Parliament is reported (vote) for the bill this week

8 / 11

He is known (be) a star of all times

9 / 11

He is known (be) a star at the beginning of 20th century

10 / 11

Mary was noticed (put) his wallet in her handbag

11 / 11

He was seen (write) something for some time at the meeting

Your score is

I hope you have enjoyed both of them! If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section!

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