Character and Personality Revisited

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This video was released three years ago, in 2017, but it is still popular and a lot of people all over the world are watching, both learners and teachers of English, which makes me really happy.

One challenging thing about the video is the amount of vocabulary there to learn and it is hardly possible to memorize all of it in one go. So here is a quiz that can help you sort it out!

Character and Personality

Just choose the correct word

1 / 16

If you are nice and friendly to other people, you are ...

2 / 16

If you love communicating with other people, you are 

3 / 16

People who are relaxed in attitude to other people and to the world around them are ... 

4 / 16

People who don't think about others' feelings are ... 

5 / 16

People who often tell lies are ... 

6 / 16

Tolerant people ...

7 / 16

A goal-oriented person who knows what he/she wants is ... 

8 / 16

If you work hard and do your job well, you are 

9 / 16

Which is the synonym for intelligent?

10 / 16

An altruistic person is ...

11 / 16

People trust you if you are ...

12 / 16

If you just waste your money, you are 

13 / 16

If you prefer to save money in a good way and no to be extravagant, you are ...  

14 / 16

People who look down on other people are ... 

15 / 16

Which word means tactful?

16 / 16

Which word means practical?

Your score is


Would you like more practice on the topic? You can have this quiz + 10 more activities in PDF that can be printed out + personal learning plans and lesson plans + answers and the vocabulary list: FOR TEACHERS, FOR LEARNERS 

Write your comments and thoughts about the activities and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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