Character and Personality

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Character and Personality

Just choose the correct word

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If you are nice and friendly to other people, you are ...

2 / 16

If you love communicating with other people, you are 

3 / 16

People who are relaxed in attitude to other people and to the world around them are ... 

4 / 16

People who don't think about others' feelings are ... 

5 / 16

People who often tell lies are ... 

6 / 16

Tolerant people ...

7 / 16

A goal-oriented person who knows what he/she wants is ... 

8 / 16

If you work hard and do your job well, you are 

9 / 16

Which is the synonym for intelligent?

10 / 16

An altruistic person is ...

11 / 16

People trust you if you are ...

12 / 16

If you just waste your money, you are 

13 / 16

If you prefer to save money in a good way and no to be extravagant, you are ...  

14 / 16

People who look down on other people are ... 

15 / 16

Which word means tactful?

16 / 16

Which word means practical?

Your score is


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