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Some famous people admit that they used to do things that are very difficult to associate with them now or still have certain unusual striking habits. Can you guess what they did in the past and no longer doing or what is still “a thing” for them? In this simple quiz just choose “used to” for things that are no longer happening or “be used to” for those habits that celebrities still indulge themselves in. If you need to refresh the knowledge of this grammar area, you might find it useful to watch my recent video on the topic before taking the quiz.


“used to” or “be used to”

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Zayan Malik ___ without a passport until he started to perform on X-Factor

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Eminem ___ only completely dark rooms

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Robert Downy Jr. ___ a drug addict

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Nathan Sykes (from the band “The Wanted) ___ a rabbit called Pikachu as a pet

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Catherine Zeta Jones ____ her teeth with strawberry paste

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Elon Musk ___ 8 cans of diet coke every day

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Bill Gates ___ philosophy books before going to bed

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Cristiano Ronaldo ___ heart problems

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Cameron Diaz ___ doors with her elbows for the fear of bacteria

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Angelina Jolie ___ bugs as they are rich in protein

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Tim Allen ___ a drug dealer

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