Books and Literature

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So, you have probably watched the video about vocabulary related to books and literature, and this is why you have come here for a good quiz on the topic. Well, in case you have not watched the video, you’d better do it before you get down to the quiz. Here it is

And now, quiz time


Books and Literature

Choose the correct variant(s)

1 / 9

Invented or imaginative writing is also called

2 / 9

Books that describe true stories, events and people are called

3 / 9

Which of the following are fiction genres?

4 / 9

Which of the following are non-fiction genres?

5 / 9

Which poems are made in line with strict rules of rhyme and rhythm?

6 / 9

Interrelated sequence of main events in a story is called

7 / 9

Who writes plays for theater?

8 / 9

What do screenwriters create?

9 / 9

What is epub?

Your score is

So, hope you have passed it well! If you have something to say, please, share it in the comments!


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