All vs Whole

Hi! Probably you have just watched my new video which explains the difference between all(of) and whole(of) and want to do the quiz. If you have not seen the video, I do recommend taking some time to watch it before the quiz. Here it is:

So, all we need is the quiz now. Right!


All vs Whole

Fill in the gap with the words given below. Sometimes more than one variant is possible

1 / 8

“… are created equal” is part of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which Thomas Jefferson penned in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution.

2 / 8

Americans …hamburgers and French fries

3 / 8

… my siblings are married with kids

4 / 8

 I am really lucky to have six wonderful friends. I keep in touch with… 

5 / 8

I’ll take … hats, please. I simply can’t decide which one to choose

6 / 8

 I’ve drunk … the coffee

7 / 8

… life is dedicated to reaching the next weekend and nothing more

8 / 8

  … Venice was under water after that catastrophic flood

Your score is

This is a short one, and I hope it will help you to sort things out. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments here or on the video’s YouTube page

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