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    Hi! If you have finished the first lesson of the course, let’s discuss the following: Which genre, fiction or non-fiction do you prefer? Why do you think it is so attractive for you? What is the most interesting book you have ever read?

  • nmodel wrote a new post, All vs Whole

    Hi! Probably you have just watched my new video which explains the difference between all(of) and whole(of) and want to do the quiz. If you have not seen the video, I do recommend taking some time to watch it […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Celebrities' Phobias

    As a follow up to the video “Speak about Halloween, Fears and Phobias in English” you can do a trivia quiz to learn which phobias some celebrities have (had)First watch the videoNow do the quizIf you want to pra […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Halloween

    Hallowing is close and a lot of schools start special theme lessons on the topic. So, my video “Speak about Halloween, Fears and Phobias in English” could be of help, check it out belowAnd of course, it is a goo […]

  • Hi!Today there are two quizzes for you to learn clothes vocabulary and more about fashion in general.It might be a good idea to watch my video first!And here comes the first quizAnd the second:Hope you have […]

  • Hi!From now on, all the quizzes are in the new section, they are no longer published in the blog.Before you do the quiz, you can watch the video and revise the grammar material: Actually, for this video there are […]

  • Hi! If you have watched my second video on the infinitive, you might have some questions regarding the info from the first one, and I think it is a great time for a big revision of the whole topic, that, I must […]

  • Hello!I am sure this post will be useful not only for learners but also for teachers who care about learner’s autonomy and learning strategies. It is important for students to be aware of the fact that reaching t […]

  • HiTwo days ago, I released a new video with “Entertainment” vocabulary and here comes the quiz! I do hope that this approach, a quiz a day or two after you watch the video, can help the vocabulary sink in. Rev […]

  • Hello!This post is definitely more interesting for teachers, but if you are learning English on a level starting from intermediate, it could be interesting for you as well.I love coursebook-free lessons and give a […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Complex Object Quiz

    Hi!I have been planning to make new videos about structures like object and subject with infinitives and participles for a long time, and finally the day has come. This is the first one from the mini-series on the […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Celebrities Quiz

    Hi!Some famous people admit that they used to do things that are very difficult to associate with them now or still have certain unusual striking habits. Can you guess what they did in the past and no longer doing […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Vocabulary Quiz

    Hello!It’s been a while since I published my last quiz, just because I have been extremely busy all this time. Sorry for that. Today I have decided to share a quiz on general and business English vocabulary, u […]

  • Hi!In this post I would like to go back to a video that I made 2 years ago (time flies – when I recalled it, I first thought it couldn’t be more than a year ago, but OMG, it’s already been 2!) The reason why I am […]

  • Hi! We are starting a new week, just a few days away from autumn, and during these final summer days we are going to look at the topic that may seem so familiar and well-known. Family. However, you might be […]

  • Having uploaded another video to my channel today (this time it’s the “second edition” of an old video of mine published a year ago which needed some minor correction), I have decided to do without a tradi […]

  • Another week is over, and although summer is more about rest and holiday rather than learning, I am sure many of you are still watching my videos and picking up a little bit of knowledge. If you are just the […]

  • Hi there!As I wrote last week, there is a new schedule for my videos on YouTube and my blog posts here on the website, and this week’s theme is food!On Wednesday I am going to release a video explaining some w […]

  • nmodel wrote a new post, Friday "Money" Quiz!

    Hi! The “money week”, which started with the video release on Tuesday and followed by the first money quiz on Wednesday, is coming to an end and from now on, a Friday will be a day to revise what we have lea […]

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