Crash Course in Academic Writing

Online workshop

Dates: 27.09.2019-29.09.2019, 20.00-21.00 GMT+3

In this series of webinars you will learn about the basic forms of academic writing – essays, reports, summaries etc. and practise them right away.


How to deal with short and long forms of academic writing

How to prepare for writing and research the topic

How to avoid plagiarism and stick to your own ideas

Techniques to make your writing more effective

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Day 1

Learn to write essays:

  • the structure of an essay;
  • the comparison essay;
  • the argumentative essay;
  • the expository essay;
  • the analytical essay.

Day 2

Longer forms, plagiarism, punctuation:

  • the thesis;
  • the dissertation;
  • avoiding plagiarism;
  • basic rules of punctuation.

Day 3

Reports and summaries. Tool kit for academic writing:

  • the summary;
  • the report;
  • paraphrasing, references, quotations, transition and coherence.

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for only 35$

Number of seats is limited (20)

The webinar is 100% in English.

Recommended level – B2 (upper-intermediate).


Alexei Kiselev, a professional ESL/EFL instructor and coach with more than 20 years of experience, is ready to share his knowledge and help you master the skill of academic writing. Learn more about the presenter here 2017-2019